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February 16, 2022

Equip Your Merchants with MX™ QuickBooks Sync for Tax Season

Help your merchants prepare for tax season with MX™ QuickBooks Sync

MX™ QuickBooks Sync is a solution designed for synchronizing financial data from the MX™ Merchant payment platform to the Intuit QuickBooks accounting platform. With MX™ QuickBooks Sync, merchants can automate manual processes, saving time and reducing errors from manual entry.

Synced Data to QuickBooks Online

  • Customer Information
  • Invoice
  • Payment Data
  • Synchronize/Import Historical Data
  • Automatic Scheduling

Integrated MX™ Merchant Apps
Add value and reduce attrition with each value-add App:

  • MX™ Invoice
  • MX™ Quickpay
  • MX™ Express
  • MX™ Retail

Compatible Equipment

  • Stand-alone Terminals
    Ingenico ICT 220/250 • Desk 3500 • Desk 5000 • Move 5000
  • Semi-integrated
    Dejavoo Z8 • Z9 • Z11
  • Readers
    Anywhere Commerce Walker C2X Reader • Nomad POS

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Relationship Management team today to learn more about how your merchants can take advantage of this new solution.

Ready to get started?

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